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Game Play

 Play all types of trivia games! Emulate popular Feud type games, play face off games outlined below, or use either of our two Factoid & Trivia Question Books or any Game Show Mania discs to create a fun game for all ages!
 FACE-OFF! Game ideas
 Individual Play:
 Simply have one contestant at each player location and ask easy questions in a fast paced manner and keep track of which contestant answers the most questions correctly.
 Team Play:
 Line up 3, 4, 5 or more contestants at each player position (relay style) and ask the first two Face Off contestants a question. The one that locks out first and answers correctly stays in the game and moves to the back of the line. The contestant that did not lockout first or locked out and answered incorrectly is out of the game. Continue play in this manner until one team no longer has any players. The remaining players are now the winners.
 FACE-OFF! Brain Game
 Object of the game:
 The "Brain" (lead player) must answer three questions in a row correctly against three different competitors on the other side of the podium, in order to win. Game set-up: A seemingly endless number of competitors attempt to defeat the "Brain". The "Brain" stands behind one player position and about 20 competitors line up (relay style) behind opposite player position. The host asks relatively easy, fast moving questions. Each time a new question is asked a new competitor moves up to compete against the "Brain".
 Competitor scenarios:
 If the competitor lockouts out first and answer the question wrong, or the "Brain" lockouts out first and answers correctly the competitor is out and finds his/her seat. If the competitor locks out first and answers correctly he/she assumes the "Brain" position. At this point the "Brain" is down the drain and the audience is encouraged to insult (in a fun loving' way) the Ex-Brain. SEE-YA! Usually works well!
 "Brain" scenarios:
 Each time the "Brain" answers a question correctly he/she receives a point (or whatever you designate) and wins if he/she gets 3 points. Keep in mind that if the "Brain" is beaten' to the draw by the competitor, and the answer is correct, or the "Brain" locks out first and answers incorrectly, the "Brain" is out. The "Brian" does not gain points when a competitor answers incorrectly, nor does the "Brain" have the opportunity to answer a question after the competitor.